Emotional Healing

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Sadness becomes despair. Anger turns into bitterness. Rejection produces resentment. Fear gives way to anxiety.

Emotions never die. We become experts at “stuffing” them down and avoid processing them, to our own detriment. Years go by, decades even, and the root cause of many of our issues can be traced back to unprocessed feelings. Perhaps it was too painful when the wounds were fresh or perhaps you did what you were taught in childhood, not to talk to about emotions. Maybe you don’t even know how to distinguish and name a feeling.

I work with clients on healing unresolved issues by creating a safe space without judgement to bring all feelings forth in session. This starts with normalizing all feelings and learning how emotions are messengers that God gave us to survive in this world.

Once we establish a healthy relationship to our emotions, where we tune in and respond when appropriate, they can offer us a deeper connection with the people we love the most.

In our work we will learn how to respond to our emotions in healthy ways and begin to communicate to those in our life. We also practice self-validation and how to validate the feelings of others for increased connection.

Issues that might bring a client in that leads to emotional healing:

Grief & Loss
Abandonment Issues
Lack of forgiveness
Abuse & Neglect
Relationship Issues
Divorce & Separation
Leadership Concerns

Only God and you know the load you have been carrying around. If that load has become to heavy, therapy is a great option for lightening that load. Call me today (941) 800-1513 or BOOK your Free 15 minute consultation today.